AC LowRider - Front rack

Arkel- AC LowRider Front Touring Rack

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Front LowRider Touring Rack
Weight: 450g (unit)
$99.95 (unit)
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Rigid fork mount with through fork eyelets and droupout brazeons.
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Ajustable upper mounting arm that ensures a level fit on any fork.
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Continuous hoop design for added lateral rigidity.

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Pricy But Easy Fit Review by phoray

This rack is very expensive for the material and labor that went into it but it is an easy fit and comes with all the necessary hardware, bolts, spacers & washers that you will need and installs very quickly because of it's adjustability. Highly recommend because campared to the other low riders I've seen this is the best design and quality.

(Posted on 3/22/2012)

AC Low Rider Review by Trek 520

My friend from Czech republik see it and he want one . So I ordered one AC low rider for his nice antique touring Cannondale touring bike . This think survived some tours in Europe and 14 000 km tour in Asia. I just recieve some pictures , rack is really beaten up but still hold - really amazing product for reasonable price!

(Posted on 10/13/2011)

Raleigh Sojourner Review by Lou

Nice fit, solid when mounted. It does have a very close clearance with the front disc brake, but with the spacers and a little pressure adequate clearance is obtained for full motion of the disc brake.

(Posted on 4/9/2011)

AC LowRider Review by Trek 520

I have on my another touring bicycles much better front racks , This one was present so i installed to my hybrid Raleigh 50 C and i tell you it is nice fit .Not bad low rider at all if you consider rack durability and price when you are on the road on fully loaded bicycle . I have it now 3 years ,most of the time on my birding trip this AC low rider was overloaded and still hold well . I think this AC Lowrider is excellent product for bike touring , path and urban cyclists , even for long distances touring . If you are riding mostly on asphalt or fast hard packed roads get one .

(Posted on 10/25/2010)

4 Item(s)

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