Commuting Laptop rear bike pannier

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  • Commuting Laptop rear bike pannier
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Commuting Laptop compatible rear pannier
Weight: 1,9 kg / 4,3 lbs (unit)
Volume: 25 l. / 1500 cu. in. (unit)
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Regular Price: $229.95

Special Price: $179.99

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Ah! The double duty of cyclist and corporate type! Here's our chic solution. Stylish briefcase in tough cycle wear. Sporty yet sober. With lots of features for the urban warrior. Look at it closely, it has no equal.

   Clean looking backside
The small panel at the top is where the hooks are hidden. It makes for a clean looking backside that doesn't reveal its dual purpose.

  Hidden hooks under the panel
The hook system is neatly tucked away under the panel.

  Track angle can be adjusted
Heel clearance issues: There are two additional holes just above the aluminum track that can be used to reposition the track at an angle to open up heel clearance. The pannier will hang on the rack with a slight angle, this position moves the front bottom corner rearward leaving more space for your heel.

  Hidden rain cover pocket
The panel that covers the hook system can also be used to store the optional rain cover.

  Key pocket outside rainflap
Right on the outside, easily accessible, we put a pocket for keys, paper, and quickly needed items, so you don't have to unclip or unzip everything to get to your badge or keys for work!

  Individual zippers
Under the main rain flap there are two individual zippers for the separate main compartments. Each of these zippers has its own rainflap, further preventing water infiltration.

   Organizer pocket
Front organizer pocket for business cards, calculator, pens, note pad, etc.

   Laptop pouch
Your precious electronic cargo is protected inside a soft, fully padded pouch that is removable.

Will my laptop fit?

  Inserting the laptop inside pouch
The pouch opens with a flap and a velcro strip, meaning tedious manipulation with zippers are not necessary. Less hassle, more smile!

  Insert the pouch in briefcase
The pouch slides easily inside the back compartment of the briefcase, and will protect the laptop against scratches by pens, CD cases, clips etc. Reinforced velcro strips at the top of the pouch and of the main compartment align to solidly secure the pouch in place. So if you're just reaching for a CD or paper, we don't want your laptop to "spill out" and crash to the ground. We've seen it happen with other laptop bags and it isn't pretty!

  Pouch now hangs from top
Once fixed in place, the pouch fits flush at the top of the compartment but clears the bottom with a good 1" (2.5 cm) clearance. So, even if you drop the briefcase on a hard floor, your laptop is snuggly hanging from the top and remains safe.

  Hard plating for protection
The briefcase is built with hard plating on both the front and the back, thereby protecting against any nasty lateral impacts.

  Two distinct sides to organize stuff
Both main compartments have special places to hold all your electronic accessories. Plus tons of space for books and documents. Everything is tidy.

  Access to files compartment
Quick and easy access to the file compartment. It will gobble up loads and loads of books, files, reports, CD's, binders etc. etc. - so you can bring home all of the work you want and enjoy - NOT?!

   Tons of space when filled
Even though the briefcase is unusually super slim, it can also expand to more than 8 inches (20 cm) wide when you need it. The neat thing is that the way we built the handle, the briefcase compresses itself, keeping the contents inside from shifting!

  Side D-rings, Strong Snap Hooks
On each side of the bag we installed the strongest and most stable D-rings on the market so you can carry the briefcase with the shoulder strap (included) without fear of the D-rings bursting open. To match the strength of the D-rings we outfitted the shoulder strap with equally strong hooks. They're easy to clip on and off and look good too!

  RockLockster buckles by National Molding
They are the easiest to operate and will withstand just about any shock, use and abuse, in any kind of climate you may want to subject them to. Simply the best, go ahead and test them out!

  Shoulder strap
As light as we could make it, yet strong like no other! The webbing is a tightly woven nylon with a comfortable shoulder pad. The shoulder strap is adjustable in length and the hooks have an integrated swivel to prevent twisting of the strap for ease of operation and increased comfort.

   Briefcase on your bike
Not only does the briefcase look good off your bike, it looks good on it too!!! Better yet, it sits straight, not with an angle, meaning the contents won't get bumped around like a bingo ball!

Enjoy your commuting!!

In a nutshell:
You want to commute to work by bicycle, but need to carry important papers, files, and maybe even your laptop. Well, we had you specifically in mind when we designed the Briefcase. In appearance, it is a stylish, soft-sided attaché case with plenty of internal and external pockets to help you organize your day. Your laptop sits in a padded pocket, suspended in the bag, designed to protect your computer even in a fall. To secure the Briefcase to your bike, we included the same mounting hardware as our famous touring bags. A Velcro® secured flap hides the hardware and protects you from any sharp edges in the office. From the bike to the boardroom, the Arkel Briefcase is your business partner.

Will my laptop fit?

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