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Arkel Waterproof Handlebar Bag Small Red

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Waterproof Bicycle Handlebar Bag - Small
Weight: 1160 g (unit)
Volume: 7,5 l. / 450 cu. in. (unit)
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$139.95 (unit)
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Swooping aluminum clamps
Two beautifully sculpted clamps are the heart of the handlebar attachment system. They're made of 6061-T6 aluminum, which makes them the stiffest and lightest available today.


Easy glide in system
The glide in plates at the back of the handlebar bag are made of smooth stainless steel. The mating of the bag to the clamps, by sliding the bag on the clamps from the top, creates a rattle-free fit.

   Unified & clean look
Once engaged the whole system looks and behaves like it's made from one solid piece. Notice how the slim profile of the clamps allows you to attach other accessories, such as a computer.

  Airy and light design
This side view shows how airy and light the system is - with no rough edges whatsoever. Enlarging the picture shows how the internal spring locks the system in place.

  Adjustable sideways
Notice the horizontal slots in the clip plates - they allow the system to be adjusted sideways so each clamp can be located individually on the handlebar, just in case you have accessories or have a special handlebar as shown on this bike.

   Removing the bag
To remove the bag all it takes is to depress the spring at the top of the plates, pull up and the bag will glide upward and disengage very easily.

   Clips on the back of the bag
The stainless steel clip-plates on the bag are fully adjustable - sideways too! From one inch apart to a full four inches. They are smooth and with an incredibly wide stance for the best sway control ever.

100% waterproof main compartment. Our bestselling handlebar bag is the most functional and easy to use bike bar bag out there. Combining RF welded seams and traditional sewing enables us to make a completely waterproof and practical zippered bag. No roll-top closure, just an easy to open zippered main compartment that’s always dry. Features: shoulder strap, adjustable aluminum mounting bracket (no plastic parts to break), removable waterproof liner and waterproof map case.

Will fit bars of 22.2 up to 31.8mm.

Additional handlebar mounting brackets available to swap bar bags from bike to bike.

You can protect the front and side pockets from the elements with an Arkel raincover.. It’s bright yellow color increases visibility and keeps grime off your bag. 

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