Optional Laptop Pouch

Optional Laptop Pouch

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Compatible with Bug and Utility Basket
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Carrying a laptop computer inside a bike pannier can be somewhat of a scary proposition… Therefore, we've paid special attention to designing a padded and zippered pouch that is hung from the top of the pannier so that your laptop is protected from all sides. More specifically, the bottom of your laptop will not even touch the bottom of the pannier, nor the ground!, as the pouch is suspended from the top of the pannier's rigid backplate. So you won't lose sleep thinking of what might happen on your next ride to work, your laptop will be snug as a bug inside your favourite pannier.
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Zippered pouch
Zippered pouch for easy access and security.
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Front Organizer pockets
Organizer pockets are sewn to the front of the pouch to provide easy storage for small items such as USB flash drives, cell phone, CD’s etc
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Pouch is suspended
Once in place, the bottom of the pouch hangs about one inch (25mm) from the bottom of the bag. If you ever happen to drop the bag on the floor, the backplate of the bag will take the hit while the laptop sits snugly in the suspended pouch. Long live your laptop!
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Double strips of Velcro
The top of the pouch is securely attached to the top of the main compartment by double strips of reinforced Velcro
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Pre-set holes (Bug and Utility Basket)
The backplates of our 2008 Bug and Utility Basket have pre-drilled mounting holes ready to fit the accessory pouch!!
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Installation is quick and easy
Insert the two bolts in the pre-drilled mounting holes, tighten everything and Bingo, you’re ready to go! Now isn't it nice to know you can bring your work along wherever you go...then maybe not, you decide.

In a nutshell:
Offered as an optional feature specifically for the Bug BackPack and Utility Basket, this fully padded and zippered laptop pouch brings incredible protection to your laptop and comes with an organizer for your accessories. The Laptop Pouch adds versatility to your pannier and is fitted in a jiffy. The pouch is suspended from the top of the backplate with a reinforced and extra-wide Velcro strip bolted through the backplate. The Bug and Utility Basket backplates have pre-set holes to fit the bolting hardware that is included with the kit. The Laptop Pouch is available both for the Bug BackPack and the Utility Basket.

Dimensions: 12 in. X 15 5/8 in 
                    39.69 cm X
 30.48 cm

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