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Your map case needs to be your best friend on the road, not something you battle to read, struggle to keep dry and clean or shred maps fitting them into the window! Arkel's Map Case is the one of the largest on the market.  It quickly attaches to your handle bar and the window so large and crisp that you to keep an eye on the map while admiring the scenery and enjoying the ride. Moreover, you can stash your essentials in the quick-access mini handlebar bag - zippered pockets.
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MapCase attachment :
The Map Case is quickly and effortlessly attached to the handlebar with reinforced Velcro loops. Loops are long enough to adjust to the position of other handlebar accessories, bell, computer etc.
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MapCase folded on handlebar :
When folded, the MapCase rests on the stem and allows full access to the handlebar. Velcro tabs keep the Map Case in folded position.
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MapCase unfolded on handlebar :
When unfolded, the MapCase opens up to an extra wide map viewing area. So crisp and clear, that ride partners will gather around your bike to confer about directions.
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8 ½" X 11" viewing area :
The MapCase allows map viewing areas of up to 8 ½" X 11".
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Map extension overleaf :
If you haven't reached your destination yet, fold the MapCase up and the map continues on the other side.

Operation of the MapCase :
As easy as that!
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See-through pocket :
A clear, durable see-through pocket closed with a Velcro tab can be used to stash a map or small items.
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Zippered pocket :
Carry  cellphone, wallet, keys, credit cards while riding? Keep them close in the Map Case's zippered pockets. This pockets offers quick access and keep them in view at all times!
The Arkel MapCase is a tremendous value for the money. Enjoy your ride in all tranquility!



Arkel Map Case (doubles as a waterproof mini handlebar bag)

Waterproof, designed for easy reading of larger maps (up to 8 ½  by 11 in.) goes on and off the handlebars in seconds and offers the clearest map window anywhere. And that’s just for a start! 

Calling it a map case is ridiculous. There’s nothing like it on the market! It’s also a mini-handlebar bag, with two stow-n-go pockets accessible while riding - just flip the map case over. The clear, durable window allows you to read maps up to 8 ½ in. X 11 in. 

The Arkel Map Case mounts to your handlebar in seconds. Attaches effortlessly with reinforced Velcro tabs. Detaches for added security, carry bike computers, bike lights etc. with you when leaving the bike for extended shopping.  

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