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The perfect grocery getter rear pannier
Weight: 0,95 kg / 2,1 lbs (unit)
Volume: 27 l. / 1650 cu. in. (unit)
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$129.95 (unit)
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Utility Basket


The Utility Basket is exactly what the name implies: a big, rectangular pannier that will accept a grocery bag and more. This bag is designed for commuting and running the day to day errands. Some people don’t need a full-fledged set of panniers. We sell the Basket as a unit, meaning that people with simple needs don’t have to buy the full artillery. And don’t worry, you can carry a fully loaded Utility Basket on just one side of your bike and you won’t fall on the side. The natural balance on the bike that you learned when you were a kid continues to apply here.

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   Huge Main compartment
One great big pouch that will gobble up your full load, in bulk or not. Simply unzip the hood and stuff the bag. This is the beauty of top-loading bags. But if you're going to carry your groceries, make sure the eggs are on top!
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  Hard Bottom
The backplate of the Utility Basket, made out of HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, which is a superior blend of the regular High Density Polyethylene) extends to include the entire bottom of the bag. This makes the bag incredibly strong structurally, it enhances stability of the bag on the bike and prevents the bottom from bulging or sagging under the load. The UB is truly designed for heavy-duty, general purpose transportation, and it's up to you to put it to the test.
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  Integrated internal frame
A removable aluminum frame inside the main compartment prevents the top of the bag from sagging and keeps its structural shape to the main body of the bag.
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  Padded laptop pouch (optional)
Holes are already made in the backplate to fit the optional laptop pouch. More details....
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  Lateral mesh pockets
You need even more space? Lateral mesh pockets in which you can drop your water bottle(s), tin cans, gloves, a hat, whatever.
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   Quick access top pocket
Smaller items can be quickly stashed in the zippered pocket at the top. Glasses, change, city map etc. The bottom of the pocket is rigid so that pocket and content don’t sink down in the main compartment.
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  Visibility and reflectors
The UB is often used as a commuter pannier so visibility in all conditions is of utmost importance. So you'll find reflectors on all sides.
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   Blinking light tabs
Blinker lights can be attached to either side of the Basket. Also, a tab is installed on the front so that all angles are covered. Safety has no price!
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   Individually overlocked layers
How strong is a bag if all the seams keep unravelling! We make sure that each, individual piece of fabric receives a full overlock stitching, stopping any possible unravelling right there. It makes for a real tough nut to crack!
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   Basket with a shoulder strap
Like all of our panniers, the UB can be carried with a shoulder strap (optional--see accessories). It makes it that much more practical when walking and shopping around.
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   UB, the "most valuable player"
If we had an honour to bestow on the Utility Basket, it would the "most valuable player" in its class. This is truly a workhorse of a bag that will give you years and years of unflinching and reliable service. Trust us!

The Utility Basket has been replaced by the City Basket. For more information on the City Basket Click Here .

In a nutshell:
The Arkel Utility Basket is designed for heavy-duty transportation and commuting. You want to do your grocery shopping by bicycle, the UB is truly the way to get the goods home. This pannier will swallow up a whole grocery paper bag and then some! Better still, skip the paper or plastic bags and have them pack everything in this roomy pannier. You and the bagger will be amazed at how much it holds! The backplate of the UB extends to include the bottom of the UB so no matter the shape and weight of the load, the bottom will not sag down. And operation of the Utility Basket is kept at its simplest: Unzip the hood, drop the load then go! A quick access outside pocket will handle the small essentials. And the optional laptop pouch bolts to the top of the backplate for ultimate protection of the electronics. Now what you need to do is sell your car, get the UB and save the planet!

Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel raincover.

Arkel Utility Basket On Bike

Installing Your Pannier

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