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Classic Touring Panniers
Position: Rear
Weight: 2,3 kg / 5 lbs (pair)
Volume: 42 l. / 2550 cu. in. (pair)
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One of our bestselling bags, the T-42 brings all the quality, durability and craftsmanship of Arkel's expedition series to domestic travel and lighter touring. Perfectly suited for credit card jaunts, urban exploring and all-around commuter use, our T-42s feature an aluminum frame and full-length zippers to keep gear stable and accessible. For a weekend get away, B&B tour or the daily commute, the T-42s are workhorses that won't quit. And for expedition riders who know just what they need on the road, the T-42s make great, affordable touring alternative to our largest bags.

Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel raincover.

13 customer reviews

T-42 Classic Touring Panniers (pair) reviews

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  1. An investment purchase.

    By dON

    If you know you will ride 20,000 or so. Buy these. For commuting - one bag holds everything I carry: clothes, shoes toiletries and shoes, toel and sometimes laptop and heavy-duty lock. Big enough to lold dress pants and shirt to arrive unwrinkled.

    I've had these since 2005. Two years ago upgraded to the cam operated release. The bags have 16K commutes, plus one week credit card camping trips with no failure in fabric attachments or zips.

    I would like them to wear out so that I could try a T18 backpack which may be a better commuter.

    Best, Don

  2. best bags on the camino

    By cyclin' min

    500 miles from Le Puy to Pamplona, 500 miles from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela, and 750 miles from Geneva to Rome... these bags worked miracles on our three (unsupported) adventures biking medieval pilgrimage routes. All three of us used the T-42s and we will be using them for future trips! Easy to get things in and out; easy to get the bags on and off (even with a mending broken collar bone); loved the exterior mesh pockets and top pocket. It's all the bag I need.

  3. The versatility of the bags was a major plus

    By James

    Dear Arkel

    Just a quick E-Mail to let you know how outstanding I found your panniers on a recent week long cycle tour in France.

    I have the T42's on the back and T28's on the front, the versatility of the bags was a major plus, being able to put maps, torches and flip flops in the outer mesh pockets was really advantageous! Also then using the other pockets to organise my tools and stove fuel, bits which really need to be kept separate from my clothes and other belongings. My two pals with me both had the waterproof Ortleib bags and they were most jealous, I reckon i've nearly talked them round into getting a set like mine!

    The only downside is that I ended up carrying most of the communal stuff as my panniers were better and more accessible, so thats the shopping for the evenings meal at the camp and of course the splendid vino from our various stop offs in the wine region, but I think i'm fitter for it!

    I'm saving up now for your small handlebar bag and I think that will be me set!

    Anyway thanks again for helping me have an outstanding trip, hopefully I will use your bags in many more like it.

    I've attached a photo of myself in France sporting my bike and panniers.



    - From London UK.

  4. Perfect panniers!

    By Susan

    Just back from first tour with these fantastic panniers which I ordered from the UK - and they were worth all the extra costs involved! I loved the fact that I could always find what I needed inside the bags whilst my partner was still rummaging around in his sacklike Ortliebs! The Arkel raincovers worked really well on the wet days. The hooking and unhooking was quick and easy and the pockets were really great for essentials like snacks and suncream. I love them and can't wait for the next trip!

  5. Durable and Convenient Panniers

    By Aaron

    We've owned red T-42s for four years and used them a lot for commuting (I commute by bike most days). We've also used them for day rides and longer tours. No complaints about them at all! They've held up well. The two smaller zipper pockets and the mesh open "pocket" are so handy (whether touring or commuting) and make this design more useful to us that designs with only a single large top loading compartment. The T-42s are an excellent size for us, we use these far more than the T-28s. Our T-42s will hold at least a full grocery bag of food. We liked ours so much that we bought another pair in yellow for us and one in black for our daughter. The new zippers are bigger than the old ones, but we've had no problems with zippers on any of the panniers. A good product.

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