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Metropolitan (unit)




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Ride downtown with class and function
Position: Rear
Weight: 1,1 kg / 2,45 lbs (unit)
Volume: 23 l. / 1400 cu. in. (unit)
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In a nutshell:
Jump into commuter mode with our stylish urban pannier and Arkel’s bombproof construction! If your day begins with a ride to work or play, the Metropolitan should be your companion! This pannier/bag will gobble up your daily necessities, answer your shopping needs, haul your groceries or you name it! Price of gas is getting to you and you need a pannier; then look no further!

Add another layer of waterproof protection, increase visibility, keep grime off your bags with an Arkel rain cover.

Metropolitan Pannier In Action

Metropolitan Pannier In Action

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  1. Great Commuting Bag

    By Phronesis August 10, 2014

    I commute about 20 miles round trip per day on urban, trail and country roads. The metropolitan is a perfect commuting bag. It holds a lot of stuff and stands up on its own when you put it down. It has a nice velcro front pocket and key chain clip. It is expandable, both horizontally and vertically. The interior stowed carrying handles are very useful. It is weatherproof. You can't go wrong buying this bag for your bike. It can be used for commuting, shopping and carrying all sorts of gear. The workmanship of the bag is impeccable.

  2. nice looking bag, great for commuting

    By nancy January 28, 2012

    I have used this bag just for commuting so far. Overall I am very happy with it and recommend the back, though I note a couple of caveats here. On the positive side: I've been caught in some heavy downpours and my stuff has stayed dry. It easily holds what typically need to carry with plenty of room leftover: lunch, some papers, ipad plus the small things you want with you "just in case",and some extra winter gear. Occasionally I also carry my laptop in padded sleeve, or some additional supplies or purchases. The outer pockets and key ring holder are handy for train ticket, office and Bikestation keys and other small things you want to keep handy. The Metropolitan handles these loads with no problem. It latches on the rack quickly and (usually) releases easily. Some quibbles: A couple of days ago, I somehow got the quick release mechanism jammed up and had a hell of a time getting the bag off the rack. So be careful not to tangle the webbed strap into the hooks. I nearly missed my train that time! It holds a lot which is a plus. It's awkward and rather uncomfortable to carry when it's heavily packed, though. The best way to carry it in this situation is by the handles of the interior bag. If your commute involves a longish walk and you will often carry heavy loads, this may not be the best of choices. For my multi-modal car/train/bike/walk commutes this is a sturdy, good looking and very useful bag.

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