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Bug Pannier Backpack (UNIT)



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Converts from pannier to backpack in seconds.
Position: Rear
Weight: 1.2g / 2.6 lbs (unit)
Volume: 25 l. / 1650 cu. in. (unit)
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Easy to use Pannier/Backpack combo. Converts from pannier to backpack in seconds.

- Helmet Holder Flap
- U-Lock Storage
- Sealed Weatherproof Zippers
- Quick Access Pockets
- Full Access Main Compartment
- Side Mesh Pockets


- Cam-Lock Mounting System
- Waterproofing
- Lifetime Warranty
- 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric
- Reflective Logos On All Sides

- Padded Laptop Pouch
- Rain Cover

11 customer reviews

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(based on 11 reviews)
  1. Best... pannier... ever...

    By Rob August 26, 2013

    So I did a ton of research on panniers before I bought the Bug. The bug is the best backpack pannier on the market. Every other one I found has a cumbersome pannier-backpack conversion. The quality of the product is top notch. It has a REAL lifetime warranty which I think makes it worth the asking price. The attachment system is so fast and easy. There's no way its going to just pop off. I bought the bag and my rack at the same time so I could test it for heel clearance and rack fit - The bag doesn't work with all racks so I would make sure it fits first or change rack if it doesn't (it's worth changing rack to be able to use this amazing bag). It takes about 15 seconds to convert it from pannier to backpack. If I'm just going into somewhere for a minute I just pop one backpack strap out and carry it on one shoulder. The only thing I would have liked is some small pockets on the inside to store my wallet, phone and other small items - I can easily deal without it though. I'm really happy I paid a little more for this pannier, it's just so convenient and I'm 100% confident on the construction and material quality. If your looking for a pannier that easily converts into a laptop there is nothing that even comes close to the Bug.

  2. The bag simply hits on all points

    By Hannes November 23, 2012

    Hello! I've been looking for a pannier that could be used as a backpack for quite a long time, and after quite a bit of research and agonizing I finally took the plunge and bought a Bug this last Spring. I simply can't tell you how pleased I am. The bag simply hits on all points -- the mounting system is both extremely clever and practical, the materials are first-rate, the design emphasis on using components that are field-maintainable is truly inspired, the carrying capacity of the bag is substantial, and the fact that the bags are constructed on this continent is very welcome. Your bags are perhaps on the expensive side of the pannier continuum, however it is a really wonderful change of pace to actually receive a product whose quality is commensurate with the price. After my experience with the Bug I just bought one of your Utility Baskets, and I am just as excited about this pannier. It really helps with local shopping trips. In any event, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with my purchases. Thank you for the fine panniers! Hannes.

  3. Miss Old Design Features

    By Margaret October 17, 2012

    I recently got the new Bug because my old one finally wore out at the zipper after 10 great years of use. While the new design is slightly larger, I miss some of the handy features of the old bag: the small pocket on the front was great for keys, lip balm, etc., the easy-to-adjust straps with quick release on the sides of the helmet holder made it easy to load the bag or tighten down when empty, and the zippered interior pocket was great for your wallet and other small items that needed easy access. Really miss these three features on the new bag. The large pocket in front is too big to easily find your keys or cellphone and there's no interior pocket. Otherwise, i still love the bag and it's amazingly durable and useful!!

  4. Need a smaller ladies version

    By Ride Central August 26, 2012

    I am a personal trainer and cycling coach and commute to work at least 3 days a week, year round. Since I office at home, I carry everything with me including client files, calculator, tablet, tape measure, pens, pencils, business cards, lunch, changes of clothes, etc. I live out of my backpack. I like everything about this pannier/backpack, except for the following two things: 1. There were no pen/pencil pockets, mesh pockets or other ways to organize school/work tools. I purchased an insert which really did not work very well. 2. It was too large for a smaller person (lady or younger student) to carry as a backpack. I recommend that you produce a smaller version, use the red and black fabrics, include organizer pockets in the middle area and call it the LADYBUG! I recently sold my Bug on Ebay, but would definitely try a smaller version if Arkel had one. My all time favorite backpack is the Isabella by NorthFace. Since I still have it, I have gone back to sliding it in a grocerybag pannier to commute to work. P.S. As touring cyclists, my husband and I have always used Arkel panniers and absolutely love them! Thanks Arkel for helping to make our journeys successful.

  5. Perfect light touring / commuter bag

    By Jimmy June 27, 2012

    I purchased this in 2006 as a gift for my wife. It was sort of like when Fred Flintstone got his wife a bowling ball for her birthday. She almost never used it, but I took it on a ride across the state, and have used it for my daily commute ever since. Like all Arkel bags, this is a quality-made product that will last forever. It has held up completely. I love how it attaches to my rack, and gives me flexibility in locating it. I have big feet, and heel strike can be a problem. However, I got the Red Rock rack from Arkel, and I can easily mount this bag far enough back to eliminate that problem. It mounts so securely that I have on occasion forgotten to lock the cam thing, and I arrive home to find the bag hasn't budged at all. I have the laptop bag, but I have found I really don't need it because the Bug keeps my laptop very secure. I am a big fan of Arkel, but I think I have all of the commuting necessities I need now, and these bags last forever, so they probably won't ever see another dime from me. I do, however, constantly recommend them to friends.

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