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Bug Pannier Backpack (UNIT)

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Converts from pannier to backpack in seconds.
Position: Rear
Weight: 1.2g / 2.6 lbs (unit)
Volume: 25 l. / 1650 cu. in. (unit)
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Easy to use Pannier/Backpack combo. Converts from pannier to backpack in seconds.

- Helmet Holder Flap
- U-Lock Storage
- Sealed Weatherproof Zippers
- Quick Access Pockets
- Full Access Main Compartment
- Side Mesh Pockets


- Cam-Lock Mounting System
- Waterproofing
- Lifetime Warranty
- 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric
- Reflective Logos On All Sides

- Padded Laptop Pouch
- Rain Cover

15 customer reviews

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  1. Perfect for Commuting

    By mlheintz October 25, 2015

    I use the bug for carrying my laptop and work clothes / shoes to the office each day. When I first purchased the Bug, I actually purchased a pair thinking I would need both to carry my clothes and laptop. However, I found that I could fit everything in one bag. I didn't purchase the Arkel laptop sleeve that suspends in the bag; however, I do use padded sleeve to protect my laptop in transit.

    I also do several weekend tours (150+ miles) for BikeMS and can carry all my overnight supplies between the two bags.

    So far, I have had the bags for over about 16 months and they are still going strong. The rain cover has also seen considerable use and I haven't had any issues with anything getting wet in the bag. I think these will last quite some time.

  2. almost exactly what I was looking for

    By rivermonk July 29, 2015

    I have used this backpack/pannier for two months and I am very pleased with it so far.

    -It really is what it says-- a pannier and a backpack in one.
    -When it's correctly affixed to your bike, it doesn't come off until you take it off.
    -Taking it off your bike is super easy.
    -Zipper for the large compartment goes most of the way around the bag making it easy to access items on the bottom of the bag.
    -The quality of the materials and construction seems high.
    -It has lots of useful smaller compartments.

    -It's smaller than my old backpack, so I can't fit as much.
    -The straps aren't as comfortable as my old backpack, so I wouldn't want to wear it for very long.
    -The conversion process from backpack to pannier is a little time consuming, but it does get easier the more you do it.
    -Putting the pannier on your bike can be a little tricky, but it also gets easier the more you do it.

    Overall, it's currently the best of its type on the market, IMO.

  3. Good, but could be better, especially at this price

    By PhillyG June 17, 2015

    My Arkel front and rear panniers have been rock solid on really tough bike tours (Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Romania and more) but I had a problem with the Bug some time ago and have not used it much since: The back-pack arm strap stitching became undone so that the arm straps came away at the top. Arkel offered to repair them, but that would have involved shipping the bag, to someone they used in the US, from the UK, and it wasn't worth it for me. The mesh pockets on the outside were not that tough either and not durable enough to hold a U-lock for every-day commuting. The fixing points for the rack hooks were on the inside of the pack and bare so that anything in the bag rubbing against them could be scratched. The bag is not waterproof and the problem with the cover is that it won't cover the bag entirely when on the rack, because the points where it hooks onto the rack need to be exposed (their better panniers have an internal waterproof cover stitched in that works well). They may have improved on these features recently, but it is not possible to tell from the video and photo's. Arkel make really good, well designed panniers, but this is the one I wish they did better because it is hard to find a good waterproof pannier that works well on and off the bike.

  4. Good, but could be better

    By SpinCycle June 10, 2015

    Wish it had one or two more pockets--zip that aren't so deep.

  5. Best... pannier... ever...

    By Rob August 26, 2013

    So I did a ton of research on panniers before I bought the Bug. The bug is the best backpack pannier on the market. Every other one I found has a cumbersome pannier-backpack conversion. The quality of the product is top notch. It has a REAL lifetime warranty which I think makes it worth the asking price. The attachment system is so fast and easy. There's no way its going to just pop off. I bought the bag and my rack at the same time so I could test it for heel clearance and rack fit - The bag doesn't work with all racks so I would make sure it fits first or change rack if it doesn't (it's worth changing rack to be able to use this amazing bag). It takes about 15 seconds to convert it from pannier to backpack. If I'm just going into somewhere for a minute I just pop one backpack strap out and carry it on one shoulder. The only thing I would have liked is some small pockets on the inside to store my wallet, phone and other small items - I can easily deal without it though. I'm really happy I paid a little more for this pannier, it's just so convenient and I'm 100% confident on the construction and material quality. If your looking for a pannier that easily converts into a laptop there is nothing that even comes close to the Bug.

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