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Seat post rack with dual attachment points to provide unequalled strength and stability. Fits most bikes including road bikes with carbon seat posts.
Weight: 454g (unit)



Randonneur Seat Post Rack on Carbon Bike

This seat post rack is strong, light, stable, goes on and off in seconds and adjusts to fit both longer or shorter seat post set ups. A sleek quick release bracket attaches to both sides of the seat rails, forming rock-solid attachment points. The front of the rack gently envelopes the seat post with a soft rubberized clamp that is secured with a velcro strap. The three point attachment system of the Randonneur Seat Post Rack® brings unequalled stability - it feels like it's bolted on to the frame! Move it from bike to bike depending on what type of riding you want to do. 

Installation Instructions PDF

If you own a Brooks saddle you will need the following adaptor More Details...

Versatility: Want to carry stuff, but don't want a full-fledged bike rack? Before the Randonneur Seat Post Rack® it was heavy beam racks that clamp hard on the post and rotate around it, or the flimsy and flapping, low capacity bags that clip on a tiny ring bolted around the seat post. Match Arkel's Randonneur Seat Post Rack® with our Tailrider and you are ready for light touring on and off road.

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Randonneur Seat Post Rack on Carbon Bike

Randonneur Seat Post Rack® with TailRider trunk bag. Perfect setup for minimalist weekend tours! 

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  1. Great innovation on the seatpost rack design

    By McDuffy March 07, 2015

    Solid materials and design with little innovations throughout to increase usability and versatility. The first real usable seatpost rack on the market. Even though part of the seat rail attachment is plastic, it's been very resilient so far.
    Make sure to tighten the bolt underneath fully or rack can sag down and/or collapse under full load and heavy road shock.
    It's also not as stiff as a traditional rear rack. You'll definitely feel a little tail wag in the bike, especially if you get up out of the saddle. But it will never swing around like a normal seatpost rack thanks to its three points of contact with the bike.
    Awesome creative solution for cyclists wanting lighter load capacity and versatility!

  2. What a great product!

    By Jeff September 16, 2014

    Hi Yves,

    I received the Randonneur Seat Post Rack on Tuesday afternoon and have used it since. What a great product! Since I volunteer as a bike trail patroller, I need to be able to cary more stuff: maps, tools, etc. I can now carry the same gear with both of my bikes on the TailRider Trunk Bag (the Raleigh Super Course with an Eclipse bike rack and now with my Cannondale CAD10 with the Randonneur Seat Post Rack).

  3. I really love my rack and bag.

    By Kati July 17, 2014

    I just want to say that I really love my rack and bag. I'm so glad I found your site. Your products make bike commute so much more enjoyable and efficient. Rest assured I'll be your mouthpiece in East Texas and where ever I end up later in my career.


    <figure><img height="263" alt="Before" src="/legacy/review_images/Kati-Before-SherPack-Side.jpg" width="350" /><figcaption>Fig1. - How I rode before.</figcaption>
    <figure> <img height="263" alt="After" src="/legacy/review_images/Kati-With-Sherback-Side.jpg" width="350" /><figcaption>Fig2. - Load off my back!!.</figcaption>

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