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Dry-Lites (Pair)

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At 540 grams, these are the world's lightest waterproof saddle bags.


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At 540 gr, these are truly the ultimate waterproof light & fast touring saddle bags. Stand alone use, or combined with any trunk bag. Perfect match with Arkel's Tailrider.

• Featherweight 19 oz / 540 grams for the set!
• Volume for the set: 28 litres / 1708
• Waterproof roll-top design
• Ultralight horizontal stays kept bags clear of the wheel

• Reflectors on all sides for safety
• Can be paired with any Trunk Bag
• Built-in handle or optional shoulder strap
• Rolls tight for easy storage
• Dimensions per bag: 14.5” X 11” X 5.5” / 37cm X 28cm X 14cm
• Compact rolled size 15” X 4” X 2”

NOTE: Arkel's Dry-Lites are built for lightness and performance. The lifetime warranty still applies, but wear and tear and resistance to impact is less than with Arkel's heavy-grade products.

Below: Dry-Lites paired with the Arkel Tailrider sold separately.

Pair the Dry-Lites with our TailRider Trunk Bag

" I had the pleasure of testing the Dry-Lites in the perfect setting. The French "Route des Grandes Alpes" from Nice to Albertville is the exact terrain and conditions these fully waterproof and featherweight bags were designed for.A full set of evening clothes, including light shoes, rain gear, warm jacket, tablet all fit in the Dry-Lites. The rest of the quick access stuff and the occasional bottle(s!) of wine, fit in the perfectly matching TailRider trunk bag. Coupling the TailRider with the Small Handlebar Bag to carry my SLR camera, was all I needed to ride the challenging route across the Alps. We stayed in small hotels along the way. On day loops, we left either the TailRider or the Dry-Lites at the hotel depending on weather. In short, the available volume combined with the feather weight of the Dry-Lites truly make them the Formula One of bike travel bags." Paul, Arkel Owner and long-time cycle tourist.

Arkel Owner Paul McKenzie cycle touring in France

Arkel Owner Paul McKenzie cycle touring ultralight - France 2013

Arkel Dry-Lites in Action

Arkel Dry-Lites in Action

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  1. Perfect for my needs

    By Terry April 17, 2016

    I couldn't be happier with these. Light, waterproof and strong enough, I used them on the Dalton Highway, a good test. Paired them with a VO Constructeur Rear Rack which is minimalist yet strong as well. I prefer the black, though I can understand where others would like to see some bright colors. The best feature for me is the ability to roll them up into a tiny package for travel.

  2. Bikepacking Panniers

    By The Wanderer November 27, 2015

    If you like the idea of bikepacking with frame bags and minimalist gear but prefer rear panniers for fit, convenience and/or extra storage, the Dry-Lites are a great choice. Sgt Peter Viol used a set on his rig during the 2015 Tour Divide: Even though they're definitely lightweight, they're tough and waterproof. Just be sure to pack clothing or other soft edged items inside to keep them within the handling range they were built for. A tough rear rack like the Tubus allows you to team the Dry-Lites up with an Arkel Tailrider making a perfect match.

    A couple of reviewers have commented on wanting BRIGHT colours for busy roads but those of us cycling on lightly traveled dirt or gravel backroads prefer the black bags for hiding mud/dust/dirt. The easy fix for more visibility is simply to go with one large safety triangle out back (or on your back) or use several as shown in this review:

    As for the comment about adapting Dry-Lites as front panniers, see the photo example of a cyclist on the Great Divide using Dry-Lites front and back on Flanagan's Ride of the Great Divide Day 19 Basin to Butte Riding with Lug'a and Nicoli to Butte: Lug'a used rear Dry-Lites on her bike while Nicoli had them doubled up at both ends. It might be a case of choosing a suitable front carrier than designing a new style of Dry-Lite.

  3. Nice Panniers

    By Andreas November 22, 2015

    I like that they can be rolled up, not in the way when not used. Great for extra room needed for clothes when riding in fast changing weather.

  4. Great Minimalist Panniers

    By Parham August 17, 2015

    I bought these panniers because I wanted to see whether I could do self-supported touring in a minimalist/low-weight style with less than 30 lb of gear. I actually ended up with around 21lb and have cycled well over 2000 km by now, e.g. see my trip journal

    These are great functioning panniers in terms of water-proofness, they have so far endured very well, and and I would highly recommend them IF you are want to/can go lightweight, and are comfortable without pockets.

    There are three improvemens I would like. (1) The velcro attachement system works but is a bit complicated, and I used some extra elastic straps to make sure they stayed in place. (2) Could you make them with a colour that is more visible for safety? (3) Please design a front pannier version of these for when one cannot avoid the extra gear and needs front panniers.

  5. Why black?

    By Sboag July 06, 2015

    The Arkel Dry-Lites look to be almost perfect for me. Except the color. Why a dark color that may not be seen by drivers? If you offer them in red or orange or the like, I will buy them.

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